Seasoned Executive with a Heart to Give…

Can a successful media businessman also “have a heart”? Yes, meet Andrew Arroyo. With a fresh perspective on the business and investment world, Andrew has grown from a young, creative, forward thinking entrepreneur to a visionary who has successfully guided and established several businesses.

His personal businesses are composed of three primary components: a media company, a real estate agency and the company’s philanthropic arm – Eye of a Needle Foundation.

Andrew’s cross-cultural family origins, global experience and proactive gifting have given him a deep appreciation and sensitivity to the diversity, needs, and preferences of his clients, individuals who have influenced him, the teams he leads and those who benefit from his charitable giving throughout the world. Making relationship the central focus of all he does, a well-rounded perspective and trustworthiness is reflected in his approach to meet the needs of his clients when they are making important media decisions in terms of both their business and financial investments.

With 20 years of  developing talent into successful entrepreneurs and sharing his media experience with others he has created a successful track record of developing and growing talented artists.

Andrew’s personal life is robust with excitement. He has a passion for globetrotting, learning new languages and supporting missions worldwide.¬† He uses the favor he has experienced in life to help benefit others. He is a ‘man of connections’ and loves sharing his connections with others. Most importantly, he is a man of faith in Jesus Christ and is married to Megan Mazzola Arroyo, a local photographer. They live in La Jolla, California.